Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tutu review

Today, my tutu's had arrived and I was SO EXITED! ^^ I got them from an ebay seller: And this is my review on them 

The blue, though it was more of a mint color. But I love mint so I really do not mind.  ^^

The pink, which is exactly the same as the stock photo. I really like the pick shade.  >V<

 And here is mixed it up a bit, by putting one on top of the other. The tutu's were I think $13.00 each plus $10.00 postage, this was a really good price too. The tutu's themselves only had two layers but I was so surprised to find that they were INCREDIBLY thick and soft. There is also a silky layer of material inside it so you can wear them just as normal skirts too. ^__^ 
I give them a 5/5 for price
a 5/5 for communication
a 5/5 for postage
 and overall a 10/5   ^^;           


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